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Veterinary Products

Heartworm Prevention

  • Heartgard Plus-Monthly oral heartworm & intestinal parasites (Age 6 weeks) (K9 ONLY!)
  • Interceptor-Monthly oral heartworm & intestinal parasites (Age weeks) K9 & Feline)

Heartworm & Flea Control

  • Advantage Multi-Monthly topical heartworm & flea & intestinal parasites (Age K-9 7 weeks, Feline 9 weeks)
  • Trifexis-Monthly oral heartworm & flea & intestinal parasites (K9 & Feline)

Flea & Tick Control

  • Vectra 3D-Monthly topical flea/tick control (Age  weeks – K9 ONLY!)
  • Nexgard-Monthly oral flea/tick control (Age weeks – K9 ONLY!)
  • Top Spot-Monthly topical flea/tick control (Age weeks – FELINE ONLY!)
  • Seresto Collar-5-8 Months flea/tick control (Age week) (K9 & Feline)

Flea Only Control

  • Capstar-Daily oral flea control (24 hour) flea control (Age 4 weeks & >2#) (K9 & FELINE)
  • Comfortis-Monthly oral flea control (Age 14 weeks) (K9 & FELINE)

Shampoos/Skin Supplements

We provide medicated shampoos & supplements based on an individual pet’s skin type &/or issues.

Dental Care

We carry a variety of dental care products for pets of all ages f tooth brush kits, oral sprays, drinking water additives, dental chews & diets and oral sealants.

Furminator Brushes & Shampoo/Conditioner

Florence Animal Clinic carries assorted sizes of the furminator brushes & low shed shampoo & conditioner.


We recommend having your pets micro chipped. Florence Animal Clinic uses the AKC-CAR (Companion Animal Recovery) chip. A one-time fee covers chip implantation, enrollment and life-time membership.

Lupine Collars & Leashes

We carry an assortment of Lupine collars and leashes. We carry this product because of the quality and life time guarantee. If your pet chews the collar, you can bring the collar back for a replacement at no cost.

Odor Eliminator Candles and Sprays

Just come in and you will smell why we offer these quality products to our customers. They come in an assortment of scents that are sure to please even the most particular noses.

Purina Veterinary Diets

We feed and recommend Purina Diet products at Florence Animal Clinic. We also carry a full line of foods from puppy/kitten and adult to prescription diets used to control/treat a variety of medical conditions for our clients convenience.


Florence Animal Clinic has a fully stocked pharmacy carrying an assortment of medications from antibiotics and thyroid supplements. If we do not carry a specific medication that your pet may require, we will write you a prescription or order the product in a timely manner.